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Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure: FAQ's



What is Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure? Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure, Pellevé, was FDA cleared in May of 2009 and is a non-invasive, non-ablative skin tightening, wrinkle-reducing procedure that is the safest, most effective, customizable skin tightening treatment available. It fits perfectly into anyone’s ‘
Non-Invasive Age Defense Plan’.  The reason we offer Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure is because it is a leading-edge, state-of-the-art procedure that allows our practice to rise above all of the ‘me-too’ technologies that so many other offices in the area offer and at the same time, greatly enhance the results that our patients are able to achieve either as a stand-alone procedure, or combined with our other offerings such as laser/chemical peels, fillers, injectables, BOTOX, Blepharoplasty etc., etc…..and it all has to do with the great collagen remodeling and re-distribution that occurs by and through the application of the Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure and why, it is the foundational, first line of defense that we provide to the majority of patients that present at our practice for their overall skin wellness….

How does Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure work: Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radio wave technology which induces collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis, dermis and adipose tissue.  Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure works by slowly and selectively heating the deep layers of the skin, causing new collagen to form and resulting in younger, plumper, smoother skin!  This ultra-safe procedure allows the doctor to contract the skin predictably and painlessly which results in a noticeable improvement in both skin quality and appearance. Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure textures, tightens, tones and lifts of the skin in a way that nothing else can.

How long do the results last? The company can only claim 6 month results (as that is what their submission to the FDA for clearance was about), but doctors with longer-term experience with this specific Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure report results lasting beyond 2 years.  Histologically, collagen takes 6 months of time to finish a cycle of its growth, repair and reorganization (remodeling) process . Theoretically, the result of collagen repair should last much longer than 6 months.

Does it hurt? NO! As a result, there is no need for anesthesia, Valium, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, cooling agents, or topical numbing medication, etc.  Patients report that it actually feels like a warm massage.  We are required to say that patients may experience minor swelling or redness that might last from 2 – 24 hours, but we’ve never seen anyone leave our office with either of those two (2) effects but we’re still required to let you know that it could happen.

Which area of the body can be treated? This specific Collagen Rejuvination Procedure is cleared for addressing mild to moderate facial wrinkles while off-label, under a doctor’s supervision, it produces patient desired results on the neck, chest and décolletage areas and backs of the hands – all key areas that need attention for many  people.

Are there any limitation or variation with different skin types? No. Yet, this is another reason why our office is embracing this unique system, as the technology used is for lack of better words, ‘color-blind’ and it can be used on all skin types and all skin color.

Do you have to stay out of the sun or take any other precautions after treatment? No, and here again, that’s one of the attractive features of this remarkable procedure and what helped to convince our office that this was something our patients would want; NO social down-time at all, NO post-procedure sun exposure constraints, other than still wearing suntan lotion and so forth.  You can literally be treated today and go out tonight, looking nothing but refreshed and rejuvenated!   People will not know that you had anything done….but they will ask "why you look so good?"…..

Is there anyone who should not receive this type of treatment? That’s a good question and basically, treatment of wrinkles with this state-of-the-art technology is dependent upon ‘ongoing patient feedback’.  This means that local, oral and systemic anesthetic agents must not be used prior to or during the Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure.  Additionally, patients with nerve insensitivity to heat anywhere in the treatment area should not be treated for wrinkles, as they are not able to provide us with important patient feed-back during the procedure. Moreover, patients with active or history of fever blisters, pace-maker or defibrillator or lupus or connective tissue disease, or cystic acne should not have this Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure. Patients currently take or have history of taking Accutane (Isotrentinoin, cream or pill) or Plaquenil should obtain their dermatologists permission prior to the procedure. Patients should also avoid treatment during their pregnancy.

How soon does one see results? Besides looking rejuvenated and refreshed, everyone treated with this Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure leaves with an initial result that through time, just keeps getting better and better, as the collagen remodeling process continues to work its magic.  Accordingly, 87% of treated patients that were submitted for the initial FDA clearance continued to resolve and improve 6 months or more after one single procedure.  In our own office, we have found that stacking the procedures every 30 days or so out, supercharges the results achieved and that patients look better at 4 days out than the first day treated, and at 4 weeks out, look better than they did at 4 days out and at 4 months out, look better than they did at 4 weeks out……

How many procedures does one need to receive? Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure greatly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens skin while only requiring a few minutes to a single-hour for treatment (depending on the area treated). Physicians and patients are seeing improvement in just one procedure but typically a regime of 2 – 3 procedures, separated by a minimum of at least 30 days is required to bring about a very nice, patient desired result and then, patient is placed on a biannual to yearly maintenance program, whereby you come in so that we can help ‘sustain’ the clinical endpoint that we’ve been able to achieve for you.  When you first come-in, doctor will be able to better evaluate your needs and tell you what would be the proper regime of Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure.

What type of training did you have to do to be able to offer this procedure in your office? A requirement by the company that created the Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure technology, is that anyone providing Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure to patients must first attend a full-day training workshop to obtain certification.  Accordingly, our doctor/treating staff have all gone through and passed this training process and officially certified to use Pellevé machine to perform treatments on patients.

Can Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure be used with injectables, fillers, BOTOX, etc? Here again, is yet another reason why we knew we had a definite winner on our hands by bringing this great technology into our office. Rather than masking or covering over the ‘cause’, as is the case when someone just receives injectables, fillers, BOTOX…..when a regime of Pellevé procedures are introduced to areas just prior to receiving those same injectables, fillers and/or BOTOX, we are now ‘treating and addressing the cause’.  The benefit to our patients, is that we are actually able to bring about an even better, more improved result than if they were to have only received the injectables, fillers and BOTOX by themselves.  We even have a saying in our office that totally describes the benefit of employing Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure first and that is ’you’ve got to address the Hills BEFORE trying to raise the Valley’s!’

How expensive are the procedures? Fees charged vary and are based on the area being treated, age of patient, skin laxity, sun, environmental and hereditary factors, whether you drink, smoke, etc…..all of which will determine how many Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure procedures (spread out at least 30 days apart) will inevitably be needed for creating the best clinical result (which is typically 2 – 4 procedures).  Stacking the procedure every 30 day’s exponentially improves the collagen rebuild that patients enjoy.  Because everyone is different, coming in to consult with the doctor is the best way to accurately gauge what your specific treatment fees would be which by the way, are designed to fit nicely into anyone’s budget.

How long is the recovery time? Fees charged vary and are based on the area being treated, age of patient, skin laxity, sun, environmental and hereditary factors, whether you drink, smoke, etc…..all of which will determine how many Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure procedures (spread out at least 30 days apart) will inevitably be needed for creating the best clinical result (which is typically 2 – 4 procedures).  Stacking the procedure every 30 day’s exponentially improves the collagen rebuild that patients enjoy.  Because everyone is different, coming in to consult with the doctor is the best way to accurately gauge what your specific treatment fees would be which by the way, are designed to fit nicely into anyone’s budget.

What is the difference between Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure and similar procedures that I’ve seen others advertising? We chose to support Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure by Pellevé, because it is the safest, most effective, customizable skin tightening treatment available today!  Additionally, the System provides the smallest hand pieces for delivering the energy that stimulates the collagen remodeling process.  This means, that nothing else available today can create the great results that Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure can in and around the eyes and in small access areas on the face, like the upper lip area.  We knew our patients would expect and demand this type of flexibility of treatment zones, if we were to offer a technology such as Pellevé in the office.  Besides the results that it provides, what really convinced us, was that there is no anesthetic needed, no skin-cooling needed, and minimal to no discomfort from the procedure.  Any aging concern reflects a collagen loss and Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure allows us to ‘irons’ wrinkles before filling, firms skin before lifting, and, off label, smooth’s neck wrinkles for long into the future.  More importantly, Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure is so much more than a "temporary" fix, as it can erase wrinkles long term and irreversibly firms skin.  Although collagen degeneration will continue as we age, Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure will slow down the natural degeneration and enhance its repair, regeneration and restoration.

How much time should I allow for my Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure appointment? Of course, your actual procedure time will vary and be based upon the area that we will be treating, but it’s safe to say, that you should allow 30 to 60 minutes.  Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure is so simple and convenient and there is no skin-test or extensive pre-preparation needed prior to your treatment. We have many people come in during their lunch-hours and we take care of the rest.  These same people return to work looking better than when they left for lunch and will continue to resolve and improve as the weeks and months go by.

Do you have any Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure specials going on right now? Besides our on-going and popular Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure Referral Program, whereby any referrals of neighbors, co-workers, relatives, co-workers and friends results in discounts applied to your own Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure, we currently are offering a special ‘15 minute lunchtime procedure’, whereby we will treat your eyes and upper lip area for only $499……normally that would be a $750 procedure.  Providing you re-book another Pellevé procedure within 30 days of your last procedure, you will also be able to save $250 off of that future procedure.  Typically those that have the ‘15 minute procedure’ are so thrilled with their results and the fact that they continue to resolve and improve each and every week, that they then rebook to have their entire face and even neck area treated.

Do I have to do anything prior to coming in for my first Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure? Nothing out of the ordinary. For men, we just need them to be clean shaven (no stubble in the treatment area) and for woman, we require you to come in with no jewelry and makeup on, including lotions, eyeliner and eye shadow, which need to be removed from the area being treated.  If easier for you, you can wash off and remove make-up when you get to our office.   After completing Patient In-Take Form, Consent Form, etc, we will then clean your skin with alcohol and take ‘before’ pictures prior to your first Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure; which are great to look back at in the future, as they provide undeniable proof, that Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.  After identifying and agreeing on the area to be treated, we then start the procedure so that we can help you bring about the improvement you desire.  All of these ‘prior-procedure tasks” take about 15 minutes depending on if you come in with makeup on or not.  By the way, for our woman patients, following your Pellevé procedure, for many, it’s an excellent time (since your make-up is already off) to try some of the various great products that we carry and highly recommend for our patients.  Normal make-up and moisturizers maybe resumed immediately after the procedure.

Where else can I go online to learn more about this procedure? More great information can be found by going to and while you’re there, you’ll definitely want to click on and visit their Facebook Page as well, where you’ll hear very positive comments from both patients treated and doctors that are providing the procedure all over the US.

Is there anything I can take to improve and extend my Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure results? Yes. Anything promotes your own collagen synthesis and repair will improve and extend your Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure results. EYECO™ is just such a collagen enhancer. EYECO™ will promote your collagen synthesis and repair with or without Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure in the long run.

What is EYECO? EYECO™ is a dietary supplement. EYECO™ is newly developed by medical scientists, physiologists, and physicians based over 12 years of research throughout of the world with solid, long term laboratory and clinical studies. It is made of the key components for collagen synthesis and repair. The proprietary and patent-pending formulation of EYECO™ is the first dietary supplement of its kind in promoting, normalizing and restoring collagen from inside

Can taking EYECO™ alone achieve the same skin toning effect as Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure? No. That is why Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure is so much more superior than any other treatment on the market at this time. At present, there is no other treatment modality, which can texture, tighten, tone and lift skins so fast and so noticeably. Furthermore, the dietary supplement usually works gradually and subtlety. Although the effects of EYECO™ will not be as apparent and as fast as Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure, EYECOTM will certainly complimentary and synergistic to Pellevé to accent and extend Pellevé results. Taking EYECO™with Pellevé, your skin will be tightened and your collagen will be stimulated by Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure from outside and by EYECO™ from inside.

Where can I purchase EYECO™ and how much it is? EYECO™ can be purchased either at our office or online at: or www.EyeHealthSupplement .com. 60 Capsules of EYECO™ only cost $39.95. Discounts are available is you are buying whole year of supply at one time.

Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure tightens tissue, lifts sagging skin, smooths and softens facial wrinkles & restores facial features that have been washed away by the natural aging process".....

AVEC Eye Center is the longest, most experienced provider of the Collagen Rejuvenation Procedure in your area of dominance.






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